Blue Flag Media is a holding company with an investment in digital platforms that includes internet radio, podcasting, video and publishing.

"Publishing in Digital Space."

Digital publishing, video and podcasting are experiencing explosive growth on the internet. They are powerful ways to authentically engage with your audience and expand your network. Alien House assist their clients in the conceptualizing, producing and distribution of compellingcontent for people around the world to discover.



"You are your Voice."

The Voice Coach uses various mind-body therapies, practices and interventions to restore a healthy balance between the complex interrelationship between our minds and bodies, thus enabling us to use our voices more effectively. These therapies and practices include behavioural, psychological, social, expressive, and spiritual approaches.

Services offered:

Holistic Voice Therapy
Radio Presenting
Speakers Bureau
Team Building
Vocal Coaching and Training


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"All the Hits from Now and Then."

Bfm1 is an on-line radio station that provides adult contemporary music seven days a week. The core focus of our playlists are all the classic hits from Now and Then. Included in our programming are the popular tunes that receive regular airplay, as well as the forgotten ones.