Blue Flag Media

Communicating in a digital landscape



Blue Flag Media is a holding company with an investment in digital platforms that includes internet radio, podcasting, video and publishing.


Green Tomotoe


Alien House
"Publishing in Digital Space"


Alien House is a company that specialises in the production of digital communications for small businesses, entrepreneurs and individuals. They offer a bouquet of services from consulting and project management to digital publishing.



the Voice Coach
"You are your Voice"

The voice is one of the most important functions of the human body, as it permits individuals to speak their thoughts, opinions and communicate with others. The Voice Coach helps people from all walks of life to unlock their voice's true potential.

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"Hits - Now and Then"


Bfm1 is an online radio station that
provides adult contemporary music seven days a week. The core focus of our playlists are all the classic hits from Now and Then.  Included in our programming are the popular tunes that receive regular airplay.

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